......Bernarda is a chilean company, dedicated to wooden furniture design and manufacture since 10 years. Our facilities are located in Buin, a small rural town 22 mi. south of Santiago de Chile, our capital city, amongst the kind and natural surroundings of the chilean central valley. There, we accomplish the entire production process, from the dry of the wood to the design of the furniture and its packing, all of it respecting the environment in accord to the most demanding international norms in the matter. Our main product is the manufacture of furniture by request, including the design and development of the product for our clients. We also make and sell our own easy-to-assemble lines of home furniture and furniture parts by request. The purpose of our company is being leaders in creative solutions made in wood, responding to the needs of our clients. This is made with high quality products with innovative and simple designs, and the most important, giving an excellent service, delivering faster and always in time, with seriousness and support in all our commitments. Our main clients are medium and big companies who sell furniture and decoration products in other countries -mainly in the U.S.- and also big stores and department stores in the most important cities of Chile.